Lavender Hill Colours stocks fine artist materials sourced from the UK, Italy, France , Belgium, the Netherlands and the US.  For further information on our art school please visit or e-mail

Painting Supports: From low cost cotton canvas and canvas boards to top quality Claessens preprimed and raw linen and stretcher bars.

  • Handmade Traditional Panels A variety of sizes and made to order, Birch Ply and Marine Mahogany
  • Claessens Artists Canvas Nr. 66, Nr. 15, Nr.102, Nr.166, Nr.066 (2.10m rolls & 1.5m rolls)

Oil Paints: From student grade Sennelier paints to top quality Michael Harding and Old Holland ranges.

  • Williamsburg The Complete Range of 145 Handmade Oil Colors
  • Michael Harding’s The Complete Range of 68 Artists Oil Colours and Traditional Mediums
  • Sennelier The Complete Range of Rive Gauche Student Oil Colours

Mediums: Odourless turpentine substitutes and a full range of Michael Harding mediums and varnishes.

  • Pip Seymore Odorless Turpentine Shellsol T 1ltr, 500ml, 250ml, Pure Gum Turpentine 1ltr, 500ml, 250ml, Pure Cold Pressed Linseed Oil 250ml & 1ltr

Brushes: Range of quality from basic hogs, to sable brushes. Brands include Raphael, Art2Go, Proarte, Escoda etc.

  • Rosemary & Co. Ivory Filberts and Long Flats,  Master Choice Series 278
  • Raphael Paris Classic Series Interlocked Artist Brushes
  • Isabey Memory Series Fine Haired Artists Brushes

Drawing materials: We recommend and supply Fabriano Ingres; a 70gramme weight handpressed paper, ideal for both charcoal and pastel work, which we supply in a full range of colours.

  •  Strathmore : 400 Drawing 18X24 Inch Spiral Top 24 Sheet Pad
  • Newsprint and packing paper

Charcoal: From Willow charcoal to top quality graded fusain charcoal.

  • Coates Willow Charcoal Nr. 1, 12, & 25 Stick Boxes
  • Nitram Fine Art Charcoal (comes in 3 grades- H, HB & B)

Unison Pastel: Complete range of colour soft pastels. We hand make high quality artists pastels in the UK. We believe that our pastels are the best you can buy in the world today.

Art Essentials:  Chamois Leather for erasing and modelling, stumps, kneaded erasers.

  • RGM Traditional Palette Knives No. 42, 33, 33
  • Brush Washer Small, Medium and Large
  • Extra Large Palette Cups
  • Handmade Shadowboxes MDF Multi-Sided Still-Life Box Designed by Scott
  • Claude Black Mirrors

Easels:  Mabef M10, M25, M04 Studio Easels and M23 Box Easles for Plein-Aire Painting all for sale in house.