Landscape Painting with LFAS

It is just the weather for being outside – finally!  LFAS artists are looking forward to painting in the park with Ann tomorrow and every Thursday throughout the Summer Term.

Term began on 18 April but if you are keen to sign up there will be a short Landscape Painting Course, 25-29 July, £350.  To book email

We are also excited for James Kroner’s Workshop on 11 & 12 June 2016.  Full details here or email


London Fine Art Studios is an independent art school based in Battersea, London.  We teach the classical techniques or drawing and oil painting whilst enabling our students to find their own painterly style.  Classes are taught in the atelier tradition and range from Foundation through to full time, including options such as Sculpture, Printmaking, Gesture & Anatomy, Still Life, Figure and Portrait.  Apply here or email