Pip Seymour


My range of fine art products has been devised to offer all artists the opportunity to access the latest paint technology and optimum quality at a reasonable price.

The range comprises over twenty years of experience within the field of fine art, as an artist, lecturer and maker of painting materials.
Our choice of raw materials is crucial: a fusion of the best quality binders and pigments, carefully prepared to give optimum results.
We make all our products in the United Kingdom, using bespoke machinery, with the latest paint chemistry.

We see our future at the forefront of the paint-making tradition, providing colours and mediums for artists through a sound understanding of technique and application.

To cover the requirements of today’s artist, we need to span traditional paint-making methods but also embrace contemporary materials.
While our oil colours are practically hand-made, using just a few key ingredients, the acrylics by contrast are formulated and manufactured on a volume basis.

The range of auxiliary materials (mediums, varnishes, solvents) have been selected to combine tradition and innovation. At a time when natural materials have become scarce, expensive and hard to find, we intend to continue to offer these niche products, at sensible prices.

Many new synthetic resins and solvents have become available, the best of these we have selected and formulated to create a range of oil paint mediums and varnishes, with best resistance to ageing.

The products are all trialled in-house by artists and run through rigorous laboratory tests, to ensure the best quality control.

My strong belief is that all artists (from students to professionals) should have access to the best standard of materials. As a consequence, we chose not to offer second quality/lower quality/budget paints – the aim is to raise the quality of painting materials available in the market and to treat all artists with respect.

Pip Seymour