Allaprima Art Mini Panel Carrier


Allaprima Art Mini Panel Carrier

  • Handmade
  • Materials: elasticated strap, recycled plastic, steel D ring

– Light-weight and adjustable painting carrier that can carry 6 paintings up to 6mm thick.
– Elasticated adjustable strap design so it can be adjusted to securely grip the size of your paintings whether you like to paint big, small or anywhere in between. *Maximum painting size the adjustable strap can hold 80cm ( the carrier stands at 20cm/8″ if the smallest dimension of your painting is more than an inch over this height we recommend using or standard panel carrier.
– Can also be used to carry charcoal drawings taped to boards as the space between the channels prevents the drawings from getting smudged.
– If you like to paint on thick boards or stretched canvas we recommend using our product Allaprima Canvas Carrier. If you like to paint on thin panels 4mm or less we recommend our product Thin Panel Carrier
*Canvas panels/boards not included. Requires at least two boards/paintings of the same size to use.

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