About Stove Prairie Press, LLC

 The Art of Publishing – Stove Prairie Press™ is a family owned and operated publishing company, founded in 1997 by Richard Schmid, in the foothills of the spectacular Colorado Rocky Mountains. Stove Prairie Press™ became the vehicle to launched the best selling ALLA PRIMA, Everything I know About Painting, when Richard Schmid made the bold decision to self publish. Fifteen years in the making, ALLA PRIMA is Schmid’s third and most comprehensive instructional art book. Thanks to the tremendous success of ALLA PRIMA, now a standard in classical art education, Stove Prairie Press™ has been able to add four additional books, nine DVD’s and 26 limited edition lithographs to our repertoire of Schmid publications. And though production remains in America, our distribution is worldwide.

In 2007, Richard brought his daughter Molly Schmid on board as Vice President and Managing Director of Operations. Molly’s experience as both a professional artist and accomplished businesswoman brought a fresh perspective to an already pioneering art publishing company. Together, father and daughter determined that above all else the company should always promote excellence in Art, emphasize the customer above the company, and keep production it America.

As we move into the future we are excited about the opportunity to bring our patrons new publishing projects, which we hope will act as a gateway to the wondrous world of art. We’d like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have helped make this company a success. It is our pleasure to of service you.

Richard Schmid, President
Molly Schmid, Executive Vice President